REDAWN wins innovation award at Carrefour L'Eau

REDAWN wins innovation award at Carrefour L'Eau

We are delighted to announce that our partners SMPGA received the “Prix de l’innovation de la gestion de l’eau dans les collectivités” at Carrefour L'Eau 2018 event.

In English, the prize is the "Innovation award for public structure in Water Management".

Yves Cabaret, SMPGA's deputy director, gave a presentation featuring the latest REDAWN pilot sites in France.  The presentation, "INNOVATION: Presentation of the challenges of hydroelectricity in pressurized water networks and the first promising examples that have proven themselves" is available to download here.

SMPGA also produced a film about their work for this award: watch now via YouTube.

Find out more about the REDAWN demonstration site in France