Demonstration Sites

Demonstration Sites

This micro hydro power (MHP) plant is currently being constructed 

The project will enable the construction of innovative and sustainable infrastructure for a local fruit farm and tourist site.  It will create a totally self-sufficient agro-tourism attraction by generating sustainable energy as an alternative to grid energy. This will complement the Costa Má project philosophy of self-sufficiency and the overall concept of the farm - total self-sufficiency (energetic, therapeutic and food).  

An adapted pico Pelton turbine that uses a Tungsten mine reservoir to produce hydropower in Hídrica do Seixoso – Portugal:
A joint project developed by IST and IG energy with the support of REDAWN.

Now in operation, this installation is undergoing testing, but is already generating sustainable energy as an alternative to grid energy. Click read more to learn more and see drone footage.

Our French demonstration site tests how energy can be recovered using micro hydropower technology in the context of potable water.  The MHP unit is located where raw water enters a drinking water production plant in St Pair sur Mer in Normandy, harvesting energy in the existing network and redistributing it for use in the plant.

The turbine was installed in December 2019 and is now operational, generating nearly 7 kW/h of hydropower that re-supplies the plant to reduce its energy consumption. In addition to the inverse pump installation, SMPGA also developed a micro-turbine, which generates energy which can be used by local people via two USB connections at a bench nearby. Click read more to learn more and see drone and 360° image. 

This pilot micro hydro power plant uses existing excess pressure existing in an irrigation system to recover energy and transform it into clean electricity to be used by the farm.  Replacing a diesel generator, it will reduce harmful emissions and help the farm improve their environmental sustainability.

This site has now completed its first irrigation season, and the first results from this site are now available, including data on energy generation and savings on carbon emissions. Click read more to learn more and see drone and 360° images.