WP3: Capitalisation

WP3: Capitalisation

Work Package 3: Capitalisation

Lead: Hidropower

WP3 will capitalise on the estimated €260 million market for MHP energy recovery in water supply networks and the unknown market size in the other 3 sectors. A target exploitation of 1% of the market share will be achieved by organisations engaged with REDAWN 2 years post-project.

To ensure this WP3 will highlight the commercial and policy benefits of becoming involved in the REDAWN innovation among technology end-users, designers, producers and integrators, and among policy makers for CO2 emissions, water pricing, and energy efficiency. Central to this is the development of business models/case appropriate to successful exploitation across all elements of the supply chain, including water companies, process industry, engineering consultants (feasibility & design), and technology providers. In this WP, REDAWN will gather the required evidence to formulate these business models/cases and communicate these to relevant stakeholders in WP2 and through the aforementioned business development e-portal.

Business cases will be developed to help MHP providers and designers reach potential exploitation entities in the value chain of MHP energy recovery. The project strategy is to engage with 100 active value chain entities during the project. These business cases will be developed by the partnership to show the benefits to potential customers of the technology, in terms of ROI, energy saving, CO2 reduction, etc.

WP3 – Capitalisation outputs

All REDAWN’s outputs complement each other and are consolidated to support capitalisation. The outputs are consolidated as business models, interactive app, and design assessment tools to support stakeholders to directly benefit from the project outputs. For example, the business cases show the benefits to potential customers of the technology, in terms of Return on investment, energy saving, CO2 reduction, CSR, green credits and/or tax incentives.

REDAWN also developed an e-portal providing a simple tool to quickly estimate the financial viability of generating energy from your water network using micro hydropower technologies.

More detailed information is available in the WP3 reports which can be downloaded as PDF by clicking the report images below.