• Fostering greater resource efficiency in water networks

REDAWN aims to foster the adoption of hydropower energy recovery technology in built water networks in the Atlantic Area (AA) 


Follow the latest progress of our new MHP pilot site, which will provide sustainable energy for Agro-Tourism at Moleiro da Costa Má, Portugal.

Check out new interactive app. Discover more about the REDAWN findings and learn about energy recovery potential in water networks in the AA.

The water industry is the 4th most energy intensive sector in the Atlantic area, responsible for significant contributions to climate change and reductions in competitiveness due to associated cost.  REDAWN aims to improve the energy efficiency of water networks through the installation of innovative micro-hydropower (MHP) technology. This technology will recover wasted energy in existing pipe networks across irrigation, public water supply, process industry, and waste-water network settings. The REDAWN project brings together 15 partners from 5 countries around the Atlantic coast working towards greater efficiency in water networks. This is a three-year project enabled by financial assistance from ERDF funds of the Interreg Atlantic Area programme. The project will complete in Summer 2021.