WP6: Design guidance and support tools

WP6: Design guidance and support tools

Work Package 6: Design guidance and support tools


WP6 will comprise the development of design guidelines for the installation of pump-as-turbines in water networks as well as development of design supporting tools to optimize energy recovery.

This work will be led by the foremost experts in the field of low-cost MHP energy recovery in water networks at the University of Napoli. Prof. Armando Carravetta has pioneered this work in developing a turbine which is specifically designed for water networks. It is low-cost to enable maximum exploitation in this setting. This expertise from outside the AA will be brought into the REDAWN project to enable this concept to be promoted and exploited here. Traditional turbines are too large, too costly or unsuited to water networks and thus this expertise on PATs is essential.

Under the guidance of Napoli the characteristics of this new turbine design will be applied to the 4 REDAWN sectors to develop design guidance for water companies, consultants and hydropower practitioners. Guidance for drinking water, waste/storm, irrigation and process industry networks will be developed by Napoli, IST and TCD respectively.

Supporting tools will be developed in the form of software to enable the incorporation of MHP into the design of complex water networks in a fashion that maximizes the  recoverable energy potential. This work will be split according to the 4 sectors as above and completed by the same partners.

WP6 - Design Guidance and Support Tools outputs

REDAWN has developed design guidelines for the installation of pump-as-turbines in water networks. It has also proposed tools to support the design and optimisation of energy recovery using micro hydropower in water networks. These outputs are particularly beneficial for water companies, consultants, and hydropower practitioners. More detailed information is available in the WP6 report which can be downloaded as PDF here soon.

The interactive tool and app are available to download here


Figure above shows Saint Gobain PAM turbine