WP2: Communication

WP2: Communication

Work Package 2: Communication

Lead: Watef Network

The objectives of WP2 are to:

  • Utilise the project website and social media to disseminate knowledge and gather feedback during and beyond implementation
  • Directly engage with stakeholders to widely disseminate outputs across the AA
  • Increase awareness, promote the adoption of the REDAWN innovation across the AA water industry supply chain.

WP2 starts with a stakeholder review across the AA to establish an interest group (target 500+ members) of policy makers, lead-users and end-users, identify further channels to reach SMEs, and attract potential licensees. It will also provide opportunities e.g. site visits, workshops and webinars, for stakeholders to actively engage and directly benefit from the project. And that the value and supply chain of MHP energy recovery in water networks are kept up-to-date on project developments and outputs. Multimedia e.g. short films of case studies and demonstrators, print and electronic materials will be used to promote research activities, outputs, standards and accreditation routes. 

Strategies will include: Project inception, implementation-phase and concluding events, to coincide with project meetings where possible, in each partner country; quarterly e-newsletters, webinars and workshops including packaged events delivered during SME week 2018/9; short films and print publications of demonstration sites, case studies and research outputs widely circulated via the website, mailing lists and social media; peer-reviewed academic papers; annual project reports. 

WP2 will be led by the WATEF network to ensure maximum impact across the AA. All partners will play an active role in dissemination at a local, national and AA level.