Team Members

Team Members

Terry Waugh

Deputy Director and REDAWN Project Lead, Action Renewables


Mrs Maria J Rodriguez

External Relations Head of Unit, FAEN

Professor Helena Margarida Ramos

Associate Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering,
Instituto Superior Técnico/ Technical University of Lisbon - Portugal

Mr Pedro Parias

Agronomic Ingineer, Feragua

Mr Djordje Mitrovic

PhD Student/ Researcher, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Trinity College Dublin

Maria Mello

Civil Engineer at Hidropower Lda

Dr Aonghus McNabola

Associate Professor in Energy and the Environment at the School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin

Dr John Gallagher

Assistant Professor in Energy & Environmental Systems Modelling in the School of Engineering at Trinity College Dublin

Eleanor Eaton

Project Coordinator, WATEF network at the University of Bath

Miguel Crespo Chacón

PhD Student and Researcher at Trinity College Dublin

Professor Armando Carravetta

Associate Professor in Hydraulics, University of Naples Federico II

Yves Cabaret

Deputy Director, SMPGA

Dawn Murphy

Senior Project Manager, Action Renewables

Dr Kemi Adeyeye

Associate Professor/ Senior Lecturer in Integrated Design in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath

Francisco Carrasco

Project Manager - FERAGUA

Oreste Fecarotta

Assistant Professor in Hydraulic Engineering
University of Naples Federico II

Jorge García Morillo

Assistant Professor, 
Department of Agronomy
University of Cordoba

Dr Juan Antonio Rodríguez Díaz

Associate Professor,
Department of Agronomy
University of Cordoba

Indalecio González Fernández

Responsable Área de Energía Renovables  
Fundación Asturiana de la Energía