Irrigation in Andalucia

Irrigation in Andalucia

The demonstration micro hydro power plant in the irrigation sector will be installed in the irrigation network, at the left bank of the Genil River irrigation district, located in the Guadalquivir river basin, whose central offices are between the villages of Palma del Rio and Peñaflor, in Andalucia (Spain).

The infrastructure is composed of a pressurised branched network with pipe diameters between 300 and 1200 mm, involving different materials, such as GRP and steel. The network is fed by two sets of water reservoirs and two retention pools. The plant consists of the installation of a pump working in reverse as turbine (PAT), which will replace a 6 kVA diesel generator and feeds a filter system and the electric fertiliser within the farm. The installation will be composed by a by-pass, where the turbine will be installed, two manual valves, one in line and another in a by-pass to ensure the suitable operation of the network, and an existing pressure reducing valve located at downstream of the system.

This installation has two main advantages: (i) It can use the excess pressure existing in that system point to recover energy and transform it into clean electricity to be used by the farmer; and (ii) It will avoid the air pollution emissions of the diesel generator, reducing the impact of the agricultural activity in the environmental damage and climate change.

PAT scheme        


Profile scheme


 (Images: Diagrams of the PAT system scheme and the Profile scheme.) 

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