Drinking water networks in France

Drinking water networks in France

Our French demonstration site tests how energy can be recovered using micro hydropower technology in the context of potable water.  The MHP unit is located where raw water enters a drinking water production plant in St Pair sur Mer in Normandy, harvesting energy in the existing network and redistributing it for use in the plant.

The turbine has just been installed in December 2019 and is now operational, generating nearly 7 kW/h of hydropower that re-supplies the plant to reduce its energy consumption.

About the site


The demonstration plant is located at SMPGA's drinking water facility in St Pair sur Mer in Normandy.

Installation and management

The pilot site is managed by SMPGA, with technical support from Powerturbine and Veolia.

Latest Progress

The site has just come into operation, so more information will be added here about the installation shortly.

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