Register now - HYDREOS B-to-B webinar and meetings "Energy in the Small Water Cycle" on 22 October in partnership with the Agence de l'Eau Rhin Meuse, Astee - Association scientifique pour l'eau et l'environnement and FNCCR.

This webinar will focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy production in wastewater treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants. The objective of this first part will be to present feedback and innovative solutions that make it possible to manage and produce energy, as close as possible to needs.

REDAWN findings exploring the barriers to uptake of MHPs, and energy recovery potential in the UK, were presented at WatefCon20 on 3 and 4 September.

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Our webinar series: Unlocking the water-energy nexus, is now available to view online.

View the films of our two webinars from July 2020, recorded live by following the links here or on our videos page

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Read this fascinating interview with Helena Ramos, who is leading WP7 of the REDAWN project, for the AmbientalIST website.

Helena describes the insights which REDAWN's real-world case studies are bringing to help unlock our understanding of the potential for energy recovery and the reduction of lossses in existing water networks.

Read the article here (in Portugese)

We've just added details from another REDAWN pilot site, which has been developed in joint association with IST-Lisboa and IG Energy.

This demonstration site explores an adapted pico Pelton turbine that uses a Tungsten mine reservoir to produce hydropower to supply a family home in Hídrica do Seixoso – Portugal.

Although it is still being tested, on average this unit produces around 1000 kWh energy per month, providing a sustainable alternative to grid energy.

Early results from our drinking water pilot site are featured in the latest edition of Hydroplus Magazine, in a series on water and energy.

Energy booster: a new opportunity for energy recovery in urban water networks

An innovative technology has been developed by a working group of Federico II in Naples, ITALY.  One of the major obstacles to the exploitation of hydropower plant (HPP) technology in water distribution networks is represented by the cost of the civil waterworks for housing electromechanical devices, piping and electronic controls. 

We are delighted to announce that our partners SMPGA received the “Prix de l’innovation de la gestion de l’eau dans les collectivités” at this year's Carrefour L'Eau event.

REDAWN will be presented by our colleagues at SMPGA at the 21st Carrefour L'Eau meeting this week in Rennes, France.