Webinar recordings available online

Webinar recordings available online

Our webinar series: Unlocking the water-energy nexus, is now available to view online.

View the films of our two webinars from July 2020, recorded live by following the links below:

REDAWN webinar 1: Saving energy in water networks:

Our first event focuses on the state of the art in water networks and highlights the energy saving potential in such systems. We will also cover the concepts and applications of the latest technology in Pump-as-Turbines (PATs) and briefly present a database tool for selecting PATs.

The session was led by Dr Kemi Adeyeye (WATEF network, University of Bath) and features:

- Opportunities for energy recovery with the latest PAT technology (Prof Armando Carravetta, UNINA)
- Energy recovery potential in on-demand irrigation networks (Miguel Crespo Chacon, Trinity College Dublin)

REDAWN Webinar 2: Micro hydropower in water networks – technical, institutional, policy case studies:

Our second event used existing case studies and demonstration plants to review the potential benefits of recovering energy in water networks and the social, institutional, and political challenges to implementing this in the EU.

The session was led by Dr Aonghus McNabola (Trinity College Dublin) and features:

- Energy recovery in drinking water networks: learnings from our French pilot site (Yves Cabaret, SMPGA)
- Barriers and opportunities: The EU institutional, policy and social context (Dawn Murphy, Action Renewables)