Energy booster: a new opportunity for energy recovery in urban water networks

An innovative technology has been developed by a working group of Federico II in Naples, ITALY.  One of the major obstacles to the exploitation of hydropower plant (HPP) technology in water distribution networks is represented by the cost of the civil waterworks for housing electromechanical devices, piping and electronic controls. 

We are delighted to announce that our partners SMPGA received the “Prix de l’innovation de la gestion de l’eau dans les collectivités” at this year's Carrefour L'Eau event.

REDAWN will be presented by our colleagues at SMPGA at the 21st Carrefour L'Eau meeting this week in Rennes, France.

Reverse pump installation at St Pair sur Mer

On December 19, 2019, a reverse pump was commissioned on raw water at the entrance to SMPGA's drinking water station in St Pair sur Mer in Normandy; a first in FRANCE!

The PAT generates almost 7 kW/h of hydropower that re-supplies the plant to reduce its energy consumption. Thanks to Powerturbine and Veolia for their technical support as part of our European project.

This is a great innovation to end the year, and very promising for the enhancement of energy in water networks.  More updates to follow soon...

Our Spanish MHP pilot plant has been running more than 2,442 hours during its first irrigation campaign (May-September), and the data are now being evaluated. 

This October our partner meeting included a visit to the Nueces de Calonge Farm in Andalucia, where our irrigation pilot plant is located amongst a backdrop of walnut and pecan trees.

The meeting included updates on the latest progress on the REDAWN project, including news on our pilot sites in development for France and Portugal, as well as progress on online tools being developed to support micro hydro technology implementation.


To celebrate the National Day of Water in Portugal, APREN and IST-Lisboa held a conference featuring several speakers on the theme of renewable energy and water. 

Te invitamos a participar en nuestra encuesta de proyectos para aprender sobre el potencial de sistemas de energía hidroeléctrica en riego. Es muy simple y no tardará mucho en completarse.   

Global Climate Week in Funchal included a conference on “Water Loss Reduction in Distributor Systems in a Climate Change context”, featuring a lecture by Rui Silva Santos. 

The REDAWN project is eligible for the 2019 Enertic Awards, which recognizes the best innovations and technologies “for energy efficiency in the digital age”

Our project has been put forward under the categories "Smart Sustainability", "International Projects" and "H2020-2030".