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Using hydropower to supply a family home in Portugal

Drone footage of an adapted pico Pelton turbine that uses a Tungsten mine reservoir to produce hydropower in Hidrica do Seixoso - Portugal: A joint project developed by IST and IG energy with the support of REDAWN.  This installation is already generating sustainable energy as an alternative to grid energy.

Autumn webinar series: Unlocking the Water-Energy Nexus

REDAWN webinar 1: Saving energy in water networks

Our first event focuses on the state of the art in water networks and highlights the energy saving potential in such systems. We will also cover the concepts and applications of the latest technology in Pump-as-Turbines (PATs) and briefly present a database tool for selecting PATS.


REDAWN webinar 2: Micro hydropower in water networks – technical, institutional, policy case studies

Our second event will use existing case studies and demonstration plants to review the potential benefits of recovering energy in water networks and the social, institutional, and political challenges to implementing this in the EU.


REDAWN webinar 3: Energy recovery potential, economic social and environmental impacts

Our third event demonstrated the substantial potential for micro-hydropower (MHP) in the EU Atlantic Area water industry to generate clean energy and contribute to improving the sustainability of the EU’s water sector. Using a series of case studies in water distribution and irrigation networks, the significant economic and environmental benefits of MHP use was explored.












Our French Demonstration Site - a survey

Produced by our partners SMPGA, this film showcases our pilot micro-hydro site testing new technology to recover energy in a drinking water plant in France.

(In original French, subtitles in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese).


Energy Booster

Our research team at UNINA, Naples, have been developing energy booster technology to eliminate the cost of accessing and maintaining hydropower plant technology.  This short film shows the latest equipment being mounted in the Hydro Energy Lab at UNINA.


Dia de Energy / Energy Day

A film from the 2019 launch of our Spanish demonstration site, describing the potential for this site and its importance for the irrigation sector.

(Recorded in Spanish and English with subtitles)

(Spanish and English with Spanish subtitles)

(Spanish with subtitles in French, Portuguese and English)

WatefCon18: Session on Micro Hydropower

This session from 2018's Water Efficency conference in Portugal features presentations from industry specialists and academics on micro hydropower

(Recorded live and translated in Portuguese and English)

English version

Portuguese version

REDAWN Project Launch Event

In early 2018 we launched the REDAWN project at SMPGA's offices in Granville, France.
Watch the launch presentations, recorded live and translated into French and English.

English version

French version


A very short infographic about the project as a quick guide to our work
(in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish)


What makes REDAWN unique?

At the outset of the project, our partners take a moment to explore what makes the REDAWN project so important.
(Subtitles in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish)


REDAWN Project Overview

Hear from project leads and representatives from the French water industry at the launch of the REDAWN project in Granville, France in early 2018
(Subtitles in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish)


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