Our partners Helena Ramos (IST Lisbon) and Jorge García Morillo (University of Cordoba) presented at IRCSEEME 2018

Presenters at this years EWaS3 conference

This year's EWaS3 conference in June 2018 focussed on efficient water systems giving insights on the Water-Food-Energy Nexus.

Scientists addressed and discussed issues related to hydraulics, hydrology, water resources systems management, climate change and environmental systems. Out of the 200 papers submitted, 140 were selected for oral or poster presentation.

REDAWN partners Armando Carravetta from UNINA and Helena Ramos from IST-Lisboa led a masterclass at this year's 5th IAHR congress in Trento, Italy on "New challenges in water supply networks", as well as meeting hundreds of delegates at our busy exhibition stand.

The speakers at the presentation in Mieres

REDAWN joined with other EU project teams including LifeHyGENet, Hidrotor and Life Nexus to share the latest innovations on harvesting clean energy from water networks.

Report from the launch of our REDAWN project: innovations in micro-hydropower technology