Energy Booster Technology

Energy Booster Technology

Energy booster: a new opportunity for energy recovery in urban water networks

An innovative technology has been developed by a working group of Federico II in Naples, ITALY.  One of the major obstacles to the exploitation of hydropower plant (HPP) technology in water distribution networks is represented by the cost of the civil waterworks for housing electromechanical devices, piping and electronic controls. 

In order to overcome this problem, the team at UNINA created a pressurized cylindrical booster, using submersed well pumps as PATs. The solution combines good plant efficiency with the absence of waterworks costs.

The Energy Booster is at present under testing in the Hydro Energy Laboratory of the Federico II University. The experimental and numerical results will be used to obtain the best design of the internal layout of this compact HPP.

Read more here or watch a short film of the booster below