Tender for Hydroelectricity facility now open

Tender for Hydroelectricity facility now open

Proposals are now being invited by our partner FAEN for tender for the projection, execution, monitoring and maintenance of a hydroelectric generation pilot plant supplied with irrigation water at a site in Andalucia, Spain.

This activity forms part of the REDAWN project, and the aim will be the determination of the concept, benefits and challenges of the micro-production of hydroelectric energy obtained from irrigation networks, by using of PAT (Pump-As-Turbine) systems.

The choice of location of the hydroelectric installation has been decided by the partners of the Project, taking into account the results of the technical studies carried out for this purpose.

For more information and formal specification documents relating to this tender, please visit FAEN's website here:

The deadline for proposals is 12:00 hours on 7 December 2018.