REDAWN put forward for 2019 Enertic Awards

REDAWN put forward for 2019 Enertic Awards

The REDAWN project is eligible for the 2019 Enertic Awards, which recognizes the best innovations and technologies “for energy efficiency in the digital age”

Our project has been put forward under the categories "Smart Sustainability", "International Projects" and "H2020-2030".

One of the highlights of the REDAWN project is the use of innovative technology in water networks. These hydraulic microturbines under PAT technology are specifically designed to recover energy from excess pressure in certain points of the water distribution networks, which makes them especially interesting for drinking water distribution companies, irrigation communities and industries with intensive use of water in their processes, such as mining, textiles, steel, paper, etc.

The main advantage of this technology implemented in the REDAWN project is that it is not necessary to turn the turbine at the synchronization speed set by the power grid, but that it is regulated by the system to obtain the maximum possible power, thus optimizing the energy production

The publication of finalists  is expected on October 1.