Our Spanish MHP pilot plant has been running more than 2,442 hours during its first irrigation campaign (May-September), and the data are now being evaluated. 

In October 2019 during our partner meeting we took a visit to the Nueces de Calonge Farm in Andalucia, where our irrigation pilot plant is located amongst a backdrop of walnut and pecan trees.

To celebrate the National Day of Water in Portugal, APREN and IST-Lisboa held a conference featuring several speakers on the theme of renewable energy and water. 

Global Climate Week in Funchal included a conference on “Water Loss Reduction in Distributor Systems in a Climate Change context”, featuring a lecture by Rui Silva Santos. 

REDAWN partners Trinity College Dublin and the WATEF Network manned a stand at Future Resource Expo, at the NEC in Birmingham.

The WATEF network lead, Dr Kemi Adeyeye also gave a talk on "How we can reclaim lost energy in water networks", which showcased the latest findings from the REDAWN project.



Watch our latest film about our micro-hydro technology as it was featured in our recent Energy Day.

In May 2019, our Energy Day was an open day in which we promoted the transition to clean energy by presenting our demonstration site that tests our REDAWN technology in the context of irrigation.

Our partner meeting was at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, where we heard about progress on the project from all of the partners, including the latest on our three pilot sites in France, Spain and Portugal, before viewing the technical labs where some of the testing for our micro-hydro technology is taking place.

Follow the links to media coverage about our Energy Day event, celebrating the launch of our pilot techology in irrigation networks.

Two brochures have been published featuring the successes of the EU Interreg Atlantic Area Programme, which supports the REDAWN project. 

During April 2019, the installation work and start up tests for our irrigation pilot plant were completed.  This pilot tested the generation of micro-hydro energy at the Cortijo Calonge farm in Palma del Río (Spain).

The winning company, Tecnoturbines, finalised the installation of the entire monitoring system so that the technology was available and ready to start generating clean and sustainable energy before the imminent irrigation season begins.