Events - Exhibitions

Events - Exhibitions

Carrefour L'Eau 2020

Event Date: 
Wednesday 29 January 2020 to Thursday 30 January 2020

REDAWN presented the latest from our project at the 21st Carrefour L'Eau meeting, along with our partners from SMPGA to discuss our latest pilot plant generating clean energy from French water networks.

Future Resource Expo, 11&12 September, Birmingham

Event Date: 
Wednesday 11 September 2019 to Thursday 12 September 2019

We exhibited all the latest from REDAWN at our stand T162 at this big event at the NEC. 

Dr Kemi Adeyeye, the lead for the WATEF network at the University of Bath, which is a partner on the REDAWN project, presented "how we can reclaim lost energy in water networks" on Wednesday at 12:30.

SEREA 2019 - Lisboa

Event Date: 
Monday 15 July 2019 to Wednesday 17 July 2019

Professor Helena Ramos of IST-Lisboa presented our latest research into PAT technology at SEREA2019 .

The Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) held the XVI SEREA - Ibero-American Seminar on Supply and Drainage Systems from July 15 to 17, 2019 in Lisbon.

The main objective of the Seminar was to foster the sharing of knowledge and experience among the Ibero-American community of specialists and management professionals working in the field of supply and drainage systems with a view to improving the efficiency, performance and safety of the systems.

The seminar program included lectures and technical sessions on supply and drainage systems focusing on today's major challenges, such as adaptation to climate change, water and energy efficiency, information management and safety.


Event Date: 
Thursday 23 May 2019 to Saturday 25 May 2019

REDAWN exhibited at EUROPUMP2019, the international conference for European pump manufacturers.

WWT Water Northern Ireland

Event Date: 
Thursday 21 February 2019

REDAWN showed off their latest work at the only event in Northern Ireland tackling the challenges in the water sector with all major stakeholders. 

The Northern Ireland water sector is facing ever-greater pressures, including economic restraints and uncertainty, to unprecedented demand for growth in the water network. Compounded with both Brexit and PC21 approaching, it is crucial that leaders from across the sector work collaboratively to drive efficiency and embrace this disruptive change. - James Brockett, Editor, Water & Wastewater Treatment (WWT)

20th Annual Carrefour L'Eau

Event Date: 
Wednesday 30 January 2019 to Thursday 31 January 2019

REDAWN exhibited our latest work at the Carrefour L'Eau in the 20th year of this major event which brought together professionals from across the community water management sector in France.  


Blue innovation: main engine for sustainable growth in the Atlantic Area

Event Date: 
Monday 22 October 2018

Interreg Atlantic Area Programme annual event “Blue innovation: main engine for sustainable growth in the Atlantic Area”, took place on 22 October 2018 at Auditorio Mar de Vigo.

The main focus of this event was the contribution of the Atlantic Area programme to innovation within the maritime economy, whether through its linkage with the Atlantic Strategy or by sharing the views, experiences and good practices of experienced speakers on this matter. It was an opportunity to share know-how and expertise in the area of blue innovation, gathering relevant stakeholders in the field of regional and maritime policy in the Atlantic Area to inspire and connect participants.

REDAWN exhibited at this event which aimed to show and promote some of the supported projects that contribute to blue growth and innovation in the Atlantic Area.

Innovation Village

Event Date: 
Thursday 5 April 2018 to Saturday 7 April 2018

Our partners from the University of Napoli introduced the REDAWN project at the Innovation Village 2018 event in Italy.

The project fitted perfectly with the theme of the meeting; the Circular Economy, and in the sub-theme of "Design for Sustainable Development". Using a multimedia presentation, including a couple of sectioned pumps, the principle of functioning of a Pump-as-Turbine (PAT) was illustrated to the audience.

REDAWN Launch Event

Event Date: 
Friday 2 March 2018