Conference: Micro hydraulic power: sustainable solutions in urban areas

Event Date: 
Thursday 15 November 2018

REDAWN partners FAEN took part in a session at this conference focused on the possibilities of harnessing hydraulic power in urban areas for the general public.

The conference was organized by Botánico of Gijón in the framework of “Science Week”, whose main aim is to make Science and Technology more attractive to the General Public.

During the session FAEN presented the REDAWN project, objectives and actions, and explained the technology of PATs. At the end of the speeches there was a very active debate where people showed a great interest for PATs and they proposed some applications.
Speakers were Mr. Jose Luis Suarez Sierra, PhD. Professor in Civil Work Department in University of Oviedo and CEO Grupo Tactica; Mr. Vidal Gago CEO of the Municipal Water Company of Gijón and Mr. Indalecio González Fernández, Head of the Renewable Energies Department of FAEN
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20th Annual Carrefour L'Eau

Event Date: 
Wednesday 30 January 2019 to Thursday 31 January 2019

We will be exhibiting our latest work at the Carrefour L'Eau.  Now in its 20th year, this will be a major event bringing together professionals from across the community water management sector in France.