REDAWN webinar series: Unlocking the Water-Energy Nexus

REDAWN webinar series: Unlocking the Water-Energy Nexus

The strong link between water and energy cannot be denied. Water is typically involved where energy is generated or consumed, and energy is used in the abstraction, treatment, distribution and use of water. This water-energy nexus, in view of resource challenges and climate change, creates resilience challenges. However, it also offers opportunities to rethink the status-quo. This includes the exploring how to reduce water and energy use on one hand, and to recover energy in water for reuse where possible.

This 2-part free webinar series is underpinned by the EU Interreg research project, Reducing Energy Dependency in Atlantic Area Water Networks (REDAWN). Each session will review, and update on the recent innovations based on this circularity, and address the technical, environmental, social, and economic dimensions of energy recovery in water networks.

REDAWN webinar 1: Saving energy in water networks
Wednesday 22 July | 13:00-14:00 hrs CET | Register

Led by Dr Kemi Adeyeye (WATEF network, University of Bath) and featuring:

  • Opportunities for energy recovery with the latest Pump-as-Turbine technology (Prof Armando Carravetta, UNINA)
  • Energy recovery potential in on-demand irrigation networks (Miguel Crespo Chacon, Trinity College Dublin)

REDAWN webinar 2: Micro hydropower in water networks – technical, institutional, policy case studies
Wednesday 29 July | 13:00-14:00 hrs CET | Register

Led by Dr Aonghus McNabola (Trinity College Dublin) and featuring:

  • Energy recovery in drinking water networks – learnings from our French demonstration site (Yves Cabaret, SMPGA)
  • Case studies – barriers and opportunities in the institutional, policy, and social context in the EU (Dawn Murphy, Action Renewables)

These free events are targeted at technical and non-technical audiences and will benefit all water stakeholders including engineers, policy makers, water companies and utilities, and users in the various water using sectors e.g. farmers and manufacturers.

Each webinar will include live discussion and Q&A sessions with the speakers.

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